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Parent & Student Resources

On this page you will find a number of resources to help you navigate the school system as well as important forms, enrollment information, and student programs. Click on a thumbnail below for more information.

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Alert Now

Rockingham County Schools utilizes the Alert Now: Connect 5 Phone Notification Service.


​Your child’s school will be utilizing the Alert Now: Connect 5 service for: 

  • Back to School                       

  • Parent Conferences

  • Special Events

  • End of Grade Testing Dates    

  • Sports Cancellations               

  • Report Card Distribution                                                                                 

  • Make Up School Day Reminder

  • PTO/PTA/PTSO/Booster Clubs

  • Emergency Messages

  • Attendance / Absence Notification

The district will be utilizing the Alert Now:Connect 5 service for:

  • Weather Related Information                                 

  • Emergency Messages  

  • Other Important Information                                                                                                                            


To update your primary and emergency contact information, please call your child’s school.


To receive a replay of school and district messages sent to your phone, call 1-855-4-REPLAY or 1-855-473-7529.


Anyone who accidentally opted out of their RCS/school automated phone calls can easily opt back in. Call 855-502-7867 and select option 2. The call MUST be made from the opt-in phone number, which means schools cannot add a phone number for families.  We don't want you to miss any important messages!

Alert Now
Read to Achieve
Teenagers in Library

Read to Achieve

Read To Achieve is a part of the Excellent Schools Act passed into NC law in July 2012 and applies to all schools beginning 2013-2014 school year. Read To Achieve focuses on preparing students to be proficient readers by the end of 3rd grade. Click the link below to learn more about Read to Achieve as well as other elementary resources. 

Sight Words
Teacher and Students in Science Class

Parent Resources

Below are a number of educational and informational resources for parents and students.  Check our our Media Center for even more helpful resources that students can use at home to practice.

Parent ELA Resources

To view reading activities for all students in our school, not just limited to 3rd grade please click the link below. Mclass and EOG help are included.

Procedures for New Bus Riders:


  • Parent will need to complete the Wentworth Bus Transportation Request form at the school.

  • Please note that requests may take between 5 to 7 days for approval.

  • Students will not be allowed to ride the bus until approval is received. 

  • Parents will be contacted once approved with a start date and bus stop information.

  • Parents will receive a boarding pass the day of approval. 

Volunteer Resources
Parent Resources
Class Pages
School Age Childcare
Art Class Girl

School Age Childcare

Hours of Operation: 6:30 a.m. until school begins and

school release time until 6:00 p.m.


When school releases early due to bad weather after school care closes at 4:30 p.m. all children must be picked up by then.

For more information contact Jason Haney at 342-8562 or


Fees for School Age Childcare


Annual Registration Fee is $30.00

Annual Supply Fee is $25.00


Before School Care:

  • $20.00/week full time care status or

  • $12.00/week part-time care status or

  • $5.00/day as needed


After School Care:

  • $40.00/week full time care status or

  • $24.00/week part-time care status or

  • $10.00/day as needed 


Teacher Workdays:

  • $17.00/day full time or part-time care status

  • $20.00/day as needed 


Delayed Openings are an additional $4.50 for part-time/full time morning care status and additional $10.00 for all others as needed.


Service Status:

a. Full time (Monday through Friday) 

b. Part-time (3 days per week)

c. As needed  (Occasionally)





The Before and After School Care Program is self-supported by parent fees.


 Moss Street Elementary School

419 Moss Street

Reidsville, NC 27320


Title I Parent Involvement Expectations


At Moss Street, we know that the spirit of community in our school is what makes us successful.  The caring and supportive relationships between teachers, students, parents, and members of our community provide us with the foundation necessary to achieve academic excellence.  We are proud to be a Title I school and to participate in this federally funded program that provides support and resources to enrich the education of our students.


Our Title I Parent Involvement Policy is designed to inform and involve the families of our students.  This policy will be documented in our Title I Parent Handbook and is also available on our school website.  In order to strengthen the partnerships between school, home, and the community, we pledge to do the following:


  • Provide timely information to parents using:

  • School Newsletters

  • Student Planner and Handbook

  • School/Home Folders

  • Conferences, telephone calls, letters home, and newspaper articles

  • Progress Reports/Report Cards

  • Alert Now telephone messaging system

  • Teacher Web pages

  • School Marquee

  • NC School Report Card


  • Involve parents in the planning, review, and improvement of the school’s Title I program:

  • Include parent representation on the School Leadership and Improvement Team

  • Post the minutes from meetings of the School Leadership and Improvement Team and the Parent-Teacher Organization on the school’s web page

  • Encourage all parents to provide feedback on Title I Parent surveys

  • Share the School Improvement Plan and the Title I Plan on the school’s web page


  • Expect every parent to attend at least one parent/teacher conference during the fall and spring semester and offer flexible meeting times to encourage parent attendance.  


  • Host students and their families at an Open House and Title I Annual Meeting at the beginning of each school year and at periodic Parent Teacher Association and Title I meetings throughout each school year.  


  • Offer teacher and parent workshops, at least 3 times a year, to meet the educational needs of our school community and provide resources to help our students be successful.


  • Arrange family events at flexible times to encourage social interaction within our school community with activities designed to engage children and allow greater parent participation.  


  • Hold grade level meetings to increase parent understanding of the NC State Curriculum Standards, the NC Testing program, and grade level expectations.


  • Serve as a liaison between the RCS Parent Resource Center and families to expand their access to resources and services beneficial to the academic success of students.  


  • Utilize the services of the RCS Migrant Education division, ESL and EC teachers, school support personnel, and community resources to better serve students with disabilities and limited English proficiency.  


  • Sponsor Teacher/Student/Parent Compacts to foster partnerships between school and home and establish shared responsibility for the learning and success of students.  


  • Create opportunities for parents to volunteer at school, visit their children’s classes, attend school events, and participate in the educational experience of our students. 


Rockingham County Schools District Title I Policy


Please visit to view the district policy for parent involvement and Title I.


Title I Schools – Working Together to Make a Difference


Purpose of Title I 


Title I, Part A (Title I) of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, provides financial assistance to school districts and schools with high numbers or high percentages of children from low-income families to help ensure that all children meet challenging state academic standards. There are many components of Title I and one that we believe makes a significant difference is parental involvement. By parent, we are referring to a natural parent, a legal guardian or other person responsible for the child’s welfare. 


Making a Difference 


Parental involvement has always been a centerpiece of Title I. Parental involvement is defined as the participation of parents in regular, two–way, and meaningful communication involving student academic learning and other school activities, ensuring: 


✜ that parents play an integral role in assisting their child’s learning; 


✜ that parents are encouraged to be actively involved in their child’s education at school; 


✜ that parents are full partners in their child’s education and are included, as appropriate, in decision making and on advisory committees to assist in the education of their child 


Families have a significant influence on their child’s achievement in school and in life. When we take a team approach by including schools, families, and community groups to support learning, children tend to do better in school, stay in school longer, and like school more. Studies have found that students with involved parents, no matter what their income or background, are more likely to: 


✜ earn high grades and test scores, and enroll in higher–level programs; 


✜ pass their classes, earn credits, and be promoted; 


✜ attend school regularly; and 


✜ graduate and go on to postsecondary education. 


Through Title I programming, we offer resources for parents in supporting student learning at both the district and school level. Please continue to work with your child’s school to support his/her needs. In addition, we offer services through our Parent Resource Centers. Contact information for these centers is located below. We hope you will take advantage of the opportunity to be the key to your child’s success. 


More information about our Parent Resource Centers is also available by visiting 


Eden Parent Resource Center

1130 Center Church Road

Eden, NC 27288

Douglass Education Center

(336) 623-8098 


Reidsville Parent Resource Center

212 Lawsonville Avenue

Reidsville, NC  27320

Lawsonville School Building

(336) 342-8588

Child Care
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